Jamie Sparks is the world’s youngest double ocean rower, a 6x world record holder and anthropologist.

Jamie set out to row the Atlantic Ocean in December 2013. His 2,800 mile voyage took him and his rowing partner 54 days. They suffered excruciating salt sores, 45 foot high waves and shark encounters in order to become the youngest duo to row any ocean. The expedition raised over £315,000 for charity and won the team JUSTGIVING’S 2014 Endurance Fundraiser of the year award.

Just 3 months later Jamie organised and captained a four man expedition to row the infamous and isolated Indian Ocean, a huge distance of 3,500 miles. Starting from the desolate West Australian town of Exmouth, 1000 miles north of Perth, the crew battled fierce storms from the Southern Ocean, losing vital equipment and requiring them to change destination from Mauritius to the Seychelles. The change in course forced the team to navigate the unchartered sand banks of the Maya de Sahla with boat breaking waves and through pirate infested waters off the coast of Somalia. In the middle of the night, just 300 miles from land, a small vessel which fitted the description of a pirate mother ship passed just 100 metres away. The crew were already travelling in radio silence and turned off all their electronic equipment so as to keep as invisible as possible whilst rowing as fast as they could.

Jamie is keen to tie in the adventure world with anthropology and is currently planning a trek of the world’s 3rd longest river – The Yangtze. With wild and isolated populations, indigenous wild life and 4000 miles of trekking and pack rafting, this expedition has it all.

Having travelled extensively, spending time in Africa, Asia and Australia, Jamie’s love of the wild no doubt stemmed from his Grandfather who worked as a doctor in various countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, the Yemen and Saudi Arabia. He was also the private physician to the dictator and General Idi Amin.

Jamie has a very keen interest in people and helping those less fortunate. In 2010 he conducted charity work in the rural town of Bo, Sierra Leone, where he worked with young street children many of whom were orphans.

Jamie currently lives in London and Bristol where he continues his studies at Bristol University. He is a keen motorcyclist and rides a 1200 BMW BIG boy toy.




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